Friday, April 9, 2010

What am I doing?

I'm not sure what I'm doing with this blog. I'm reading some preposterous creationist propaganda on The Institute for Creation Resarch's website and thinking about my biggest beef with Creationism in particular, but with theism in general: if there really is an omnipotent god somewhere who really personally loves every one of us, then said god shouldn't be so darned indefensible.

I've had myriad conversations with Christians and other theists (mostly followers of Yahweh, meaning adherents to the Abrahamic faiths such as Jews and Muslims), and I find one thing that is consistent across the entire population: the god they worship requires lots and lots of layers of defense, apology, and skilled rhetoric.

I don't know whether it's safe to trust my own intuition in metaphysical matters, but I assume that it's as safe as trusting anyone else's intuition. My intuition tells me that if there is a single, omnipotent, truth-loving god out there somewhere then there should be some way for humans to distinguish reliably between truth and falsehood. I simply cannot fathom an omnipotent, truth-loving god who makes the truth so hard to find that his apologists have to resort to rhetoric, propaganda, and intellectually cowardly dodging.

In other words, god, if I myself am to worship it, must be simple enough for this child to understand. A god who made itself so difficult to perceive that one must be able to withstand the silly tricks I see on the ICR website is a god unworthy of my worship. A god worthy of my worship must be a god who never needs to give anything but honest, straightforward answers.

For this reason, I'd like to start addressing the silly tricks explicitly, in case this is the purpose of my life.