Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Leaders With Facial Hair Are A Bad Sign VI

Concluding my thoughts on the Marxism video posted on TheOakInitiative's YouTube channel. Here I'll address the final point that Mr. Boykin makes in support of his suggestion that the U.S. is in danger of becoming a Marxist country. As usual, I've put links to all sorts of relevant info in the love bar. Boykin provides support for his suggestion that a constabulary force could soon appear.

<clip 04:49 - 05:09 Health care>

It seems that he is referring to Section 5210 of The Affordable Care Act, which became law on March 23, 2010. Section 5210 actually does create two bodies within the Public Health Service, a regular corps and a reserve corps. Although for the regular corps, officers appointed by the President must first be approved by the Senate, it actually does give the President carte blanche to appoint officers to the reserve corps with no oversight, completely at his whim. Scary, huh? That sneaky Obama, laying the groundwork for his own private army. What Boykin doesn't tell you is that Section 5210 of The Affordable Care Act is an amendment to Section 203 of the Public Health Service Act, which had already laid all of this groundwork for the U.S. to be overrun by Marxists five years before Boykin was born, 64 years before time-traveler Obama announced his desire to create a new brownshirts organization.

Boykin has attempted to convince us that Marxism is on its way. To support his claim, he has used the following items:
  1. The bailouts, which were requested by President Bush (and therefore presumably mandated by the god of Bush and Boykin) and passed during his presidency.
  2. The redistribution of wealth, which President Bush's bailouts also accomplished.
  3. The discrediting of detractors, which has gone on for millennia before Marxism existed.
  4. A gross misrepresentation of the DHS memo of April 7, 2009.
  5. A gross misrepresentation of the proposed UN small arms treaty.
  6. A law that has been in effect for over 60 years.
I can see three possibilities here:
  1. Boykin is being reprehensibly dishonest.
  2. Boykin believes that he is telling the truth but is deluded.
  3. Boykin is correct in his claims, and I and almost everyone who's seen this video have completely misunderstood either him or the relevant facts.
I won't rule out the third possibility, but it seems the least likely to me. I've yet to hear any coherent attempts at refutation. Whether we respect Boykin for his distinguished military service or not, whether he's a liar or just delusional, we can't accept any claim he has made here. If something bad is happening in the U.S., let's first figure out what it is; otherwise we won't know what action to take.

Some final comments concerning the idea that "Marxism = bad," and to keep it simple, I'll disconnect from the technicalities, just as many Americans seem to do. Let's say we don't care whether it's Marxism, socialism, communism, Maoism. Let's just say that they're all equally bad. It's obvious that under any of these, you end up with private property being expropriated by the state, the media being shut down, intellectuals purged, dissenters imprisoned and executed. But consider these situations:
  • The ancestral lands of countless aboriginals being expropriated
  • Whole nations of aboriginals being nearly exterminated, the survivors marginalized
  • Slavery
  • Use of atomic bombs on civilian populations
  • Segregation and racial discrimination
  • Vietnam
  • Corporate monopoly
  • Child labor
  • Fuel crises
  • The housing bubble
  • Wall Street corruption
  • Corruption in public offices
  • Creationists pushing their myths into public school science class
All of these have happened under democracy and capitalism. Did democracy and/or capitalism cause them? Could democracy and/or capitalism prevent them? Are democracy and capitalism bad? It's just a bit too simplistic to characterize a philosophy based on the results of a particular implementation of that philosophy. We need to have more careful thinking, more honest discussion, less reacting, less hype.

That's Part 6 and the end of the series. Thanks very much for watching.

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