Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A response to YouTuber Eye2EyeIIIV's video.
  • "They continuously fail to provide any evidence that atheism is accurate and correct." Please describe the evidence you would require, and explain what you mean. "Accurate" means "free of errors." Atheism makes no claims, and therefore contains no errors. Please explain what you mean so I (or someone) can give you an answer.
  • "They happen to stick with more of an unscientific attitude of name-calling, rather than just debating creationists nowadays." This is ad-hom, and is therefore irrelevant except in the fact that you seem to be attempting to provoke. It's not working. I'm not interested in your opinion of me. If you wish to have a discussion about truth and facts, do let me know.
  • "They seem as if they want..." I stopped there. Your opinion of me is none of my business.
  • "They're usually confusing the terms..." If you notice during a conversation that someone is confusing his terms, do him the courtesy of explaining his error to him. Since you and I are not having that conversation, your point is moot. You're just griping.
  • "When claiming Dog is 'harsh & evil' they are..." Ok, another gripe about some past conversation. In the future, please feel free to leave me off your mailing list when you make such an empty video.
  • "They claim..." looks like more ad-hom. Really, leave me off this spam list next time.
  • "Degenerated atheists..." Jeez. I'm not watching seven more minutes of this.
P.S. What does "impaired mistakes" mean? Did you really say "evolutionism"? Did you say it with a straight face? You mention "disrespectfulness" on the part of atheists, but you seem to be fixated on vulgar language. How is it not disrespectful for you to spam me with this video that is nothing but a waste of my time? Why do you say "degenerated atheists"? What do you know about these people's personal lives that would enable you to detect degeneration?

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