Tuesday, January 18, 2011

God's Quality Control 4.0.1

Here I continue my conversation with YouTuber TrustinJC, also known as Lavern. My apologies in advance for the face, but this video seems to call for it.

Lavern, I recommend that you don't watch this video. I am almost certain it will piss you off. You'll probably never believe this, but for the record, pissing you off is not my intention. Let's take a step back from the emotions. Let's look at the facts and think it through. If anyone had ever found a reliable trace for any of this stuff, it would be headline news for years. It would be an exhibit in every museum in the world, or maybe there would be a special museum built to house just this stuff. It would be taught in schools as a windfall moment in biblical and non-biblical archaeology and possibly a singularity moment in world history. One conclusion I infer from the conspicuous absence of such pandemonium is that you believe, perhaps without even realizing that you believe it, that you have found something that has eluded generations of experts, most of whom would give an arm and probably a kidney for a chance to announce such a discovery, or even just to have their names attached to it.

You're just a guy with an Internet connection, not John the Baptist. It sounds harsh, I know, but it's not an attack on you. It's an observation concerning your credibility, which is legitimately in question as long as you're making claims that fly in the face of consensus in a huge community experts who regularly challenge each other, often with no small measure of malice. But there is a second meaning, one rooted in goodwill from one human to another, a human who would reach you rather than convince you. I hope you can understand what I mean by that: if I could just reach you, you would convince yourself without any help from me. Seriously, Lavern, you're just a guy with an Internet connection. No god has chosen you for any special mission. Let that stuff go and start enjoying your life.

That's 4.0.1. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Nice job! Also want to say I found your series most interesting and inspiring. All the best!