Thursday, January 6, 2011

God's Quality Control 4.2: Proof And Evidence

Here I present an invitation and a request to YouTuber ShockOfGod to put an honorable end to his sputtering, somehow not-yet-dead, "Proof And Evidence" campaign. Shock, I thought that by now everyone would have noticed the dishonesty and/or fallacy in your question, but I still get messages from people saying that no one can provide proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct. Since you're the one who started this idea, and since you're a devoted follower of Jesus, the guy who hates dishonesty and disorder, I'm sure that you'll do the honorable thing and publicly put an end to the confusion still being encouraged by your idea.

Here's my proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct. Now, will you please make a video announcing that your question has been answered so people will stop deluding themselves? Oh, wait, you say that you disapprove of my proof and evidence? You're not convinced? Why? It seems obvious to me that I've given you what you've asked for. What more could you want? Ok, it's good to be fair about things, so how about this: if you don't accept my answer, then please describe to me in detail what you would count as proof and evidence that atheism is accurate and correct. Now, if you feel that I should already know, that's fine. If you feel that I'm being idiotic or dishonest, that's fine too. But if that's your only answer, if you don't describe something that would satisfy you, then at least a few people will wonder about your reasons. Some might conclude that you just don't feel like engaging with someone as rude and unspiritual as myself. Others might wonder what you have to lose by spelling out your requirements. They might even begin to wonder whether you even have the ability to identify legitimate proof and evidence. They might conclude that because you can't describe legitimate proof and evidence, your original question was dishonest, a scam, a rhetorical trick, fuel for a propaganda campaign.
What would Jesus do, Shock? Allow misinformation and confusion to continue when just a quick word, a quick public apology, could clear up the whole matter and reinvigorate all the conversation that has been stifled by this misunderstanding? I'll assume that your response to this video is your best guess about what Jesus would do. I imagine that many others will make a similar assumption, so make sure you represent.

To all of Shock's fans, an invitation: think about Shock's message. Is it true? Is it honest? What is this campaign accomplishing? Is it convincing people to seek righteousness? Is it promoting truth, wisdom, love, compassion? If it is, then just ignore everything I'm saying. If it's not, then perhaps it makes more sense to ignore it entirely, or at least think about it a little more carefully. We need to make sure we keep talking. We make no progress when we shut down conversation with rhetorical tricks.

That's 4.2. Thanks for watching.

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