Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Wow, you guys. Five thousand subscribers. I don't know what to say, except thanks. Thanks for subscribing, thanks for participating in the conversation, thanks for all your positive (and often hilarious) feedback. Some of you are such regular contributors here that I sort of feel like I know you. That's cool. It seems that I should say something profound here, but I'm clueless. I guess I could tell you a bit about myself, but I'll skip all the boring stuff.

I spent about 30 years, starting from age 13, convinced that I'd burn in hell for eternity. Some time in early 2010, I started to talk myself out of that fear. Looking back, I can see very clearly that when you're terrified of eternal torment, it's really impossible to give a damn about anyone else. As my fear wanes, I find myself wanting to make some sort of contribution to the world. So far, it seems that I have a knack for exposing lies and hypocrisy, and YouTube gives me a forum for doing just that. We'll see how it goes.

Yeah, still nothing profound coming to mind. I guess I could mention some administrative details.
  • I have an FAQ. The link to it is on my channel page.
  • I keep transcripts of all my videos on a blog that I call "In Search of A Defensible God". Link in the love bar.
  • I have a secondary channel called GreatBigSnore, where I keep my growing list of questions for superstitionists. I've also toyed with making a series called "In The Box" on that channel. Two episodes so far. I'm waiting to see whether I get any new inspiration for that one.
  • The Quality Control collection seems to be the reason for most of the attention my channel gets, but note that I have other collections; one covers the New Testament of the bible, one is a sort of first stab at discussing Islam, and one is an attempt to cover the Qur'an. I paused this last collection in order to start the Quality Control videos; I'm not sure what the fate of that collection will be. All of these collections are organized into playlists that you can access from my channel page.
Coincidentally, it seems that I've hit another milestone tonight: between my two channels, I have 300 videos. This is #301. Cool. Ok, it's clear that nothing profound is going to come out of my mouth. Thanks to everyone, and welcome to the conversation.

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