Thursday, April 21, 2011

Questions for Theists 2011

Months ago, a couple of Ray Comfort's stooges created a program called "On The Box." As part of their unveiling of the program, they invited agnostics and atheists to ask questions. So far I've posted 75 one-minute videos asking them questions, and they've never responded even to one of them. I never really expected them to; the reason I'm posting them is to reach out to anyone in that audience who is looking for truth. Still, I'd like to hear someone in the superstitionist community at least attempt to answer these questions. I posted them all to my backup channel so as to minimize clutter in my subscribers' mailboxes. Now I've created a playlist that includes all of them, and I'm inviting all theists to try their hand.

Here are some guidelines that will hopefully minimize any waste of time and energy. I'm looking for answers to my questions, not your opinions of me as a person or my abilities as an interpreter of Yahweh's mysteries. I'm not interested in whether you're offended by me or the content of my videos. If you can't tell which parts of a question are relevant to the overall point, if you can't recognize that pouncing on some trivial inconsistency in my delivery is not the same as finding a flaw in my argument, if you want to argue about how superstitionists are no worse than asuperstitionists, then just go away; I'm seriously not interested in anything you have to say. If you have some logic like (1) I have unassailable biblical proof that Yahweh is purple. (2) Yahweh is purple. (3) Yahweh must exist, because something that doesn't exist can't be purple. Then just go away. I'm also not looking for your claims that these questions have already been answered. Obviously, the reason I'm asking them is that I have never heard an answer. I'm also not interested in your protests that your particular strain of the superstitionist pox doesn't adhere to some belief on which I'm basing a question. If you don't adhere to the doctrinal basis for my question, then shut up and move on to the next question. For example, if I ask a question about eternal torture, then I don't need to hear that you don't believe in eternal torture. Also, I'm not interested in any so-called facts from the bible that correspond to nothing that qualified experts consider fact. And to be specific, qualified experts are people who are educated and trained in appropriately related fields, preferably who have published in at least one respectable, peer-reviewed journal. The garbage spewed out of ID organizations does not count as respectable, nor does anything published by a religious institution.

After I had made about 45 videos, Ray and pals changed the rules, so I asked a bunch of my YouTube friends to re-record my questions. So the first 45 or so videos in the playlist are from them. After that, you have to put up with this face.

Theists, surely the Supreme Being of All Things can spare just a little time to help you answer these questions.

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