Monday, May 2, 2011

God's Quality Control 6.8

Here I continue my thoughts on the debate between Sam Harris and William Lane Craig at the University of Notre Dame on April 7, 2011. We're listening to Harris' first rebuttal, in which he wisely continues to ignore Craig's bullshit and call attention to some of the glaring immorality of Jesusianism:

<clip (05) 0:35 Double-standard concerning "god's" goodness>
<clip (05) 0:59 Morally reprehensible>
<clip (05) 1:17 This kind of faith is obscene>
<clip (05) 2:40 Psychotic morality>
<clip (05) 3:10 How do you know?>
<clip (05) 3:39 Only lunatics>
<clip (05) 5:02 Not just the generic god>
<clip (05) 6:16 These are the people who wrote the bible>
<clip (05) 6:36 Haven't heard of anything less moral (2:40)>

I'm trying to figure out why Harris ends his comments simply by walking away from the podium. There's that awkward silence while people decide whether it's time to applaud. If I were the one speaking, there would be an easy explanation: stage fright resulting in impaired presentation skills. But Harris is used to this; he must have some reason for doing it, but I can't imagine what it would be. Sadly, we have to endure more of Craig now.

<clip (05) 7:34 Harris hasn't responded (30) >

Just a reminder here: Craig mentions these points as though they warrant a response, but those that aren't straw-man arguments turn out not to be arguments, because Craig has said absolutely nothing worth addressing.

<clip (05) 8:43 Not fire insurance (30) >
<clip (05) 9:35 Not about avoiding hell>

I beg to differ. The only reason I ever gave a thought to the bible was absolute terror of going to hell. I have to assume that I'm not alone in this. I also think it's safe to assume that countless people whose reasons resemble mine continue to call themselves Christians all their lives. I have to wonder what Yahweh thinks of this kind of love. Given that Yahweh seems to prefer much that is contemptible, perhaps it prefers this kind of love over anything more genuine.

<clip (05) 13:05 General theism is a foundation>

Earlier in this series I said that no sane person would make such a claim. I guess I have to revise that: no sane and honest person would make such a claim.

That's 6.8. Thanks for watching.

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