Friday, May 11, 2012

God's QC 8.3.1: Jesus, Enemy of The Poor

Here I will explain how Jesus is an enemy of the poor.

Some of you disagreed with my claim that Jesus erred in exhorting us to be secretive in acts of charity. I reconsidered my claim, trying to make room for having been too harsh on Jesus, but on further reflection I've realized that I was far too easy on him. Jesus seems not to have realized that poverty involves real suffering. Instead he trifled over whether the giver is behaving with the appropriate attitude. As Sam Harris says of the "god" who clears up your eczema while allowing children in Africa to starve, this is obscene. Relative to the poor, Jesus is a laughingstock. Or, rather, he would be, except that his ridiculous sentiments have poisoned our water supply. We accept poverty. Obviously, it's something that will never go away, as even Jesus, the boldest, most radical moral thinker of the last two millennia, tells us so. We put band-aids on poverty because so few people believe that it can be addressed systemically. This Jesus robbed the poor of their only hope and dressed up his crime in words that are useful only to those with the luxury of a conscience about giving with the proper attitude. I'll pretend for a moment that I have some right to speak for the poor and I'll say, Jesus, thanks for nothing.

As if you couldn't tell already, I consider this an important point, so if you see flaws in my argument, speak up. I claim that there is no version of Jesus that deserves the accolades he receives relative to his concern for the poor. Later on in the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus actually defends expensive burial preparations with, "The poor you will always have with you." How many children could have been fed with the money for the burial preparations? No one knows, and obviously, Jesus neither knew nor cared. Just like no one knows how many children could be fed with the tens of millions upon tens of millions that have been, and are continually being spent to prevent gay marriage. And obviously, most, if not all, of those spending the money neither know nor care. Perhaps it's unfair for me to say that they don't care; that might suggest more callousness than is actually present. Still, it is fair to say that the welfare of the poor takes a lower priority in their minds than the so-called sanctity of marriage, even if their prioritization occurs unconsciously. At least in this case they are justified by their teacher: Jesus exemplified this sort of casual disregard for the genuine suffering in the world in favor of trifles. If you still think Jesus had any words of practical value to the poor, please do let me know.

On a completely unrelated note, I am looking for two people willing to volunteer their technical skills in exchange for the glory of being publicly embarrassed by Yours Truly, GreatBigBore. First, I need an audio engineer type who knows how to use GarageBand and can make my music sound less like leaf blowers and garbage cans. Second, I need a merciless editor for my scripts. I'm having a problem with this video series, making each episode way longer than the time limit imposed by my attention span. PM me if you're interested.

That's 8.3.1. Thanks for watching.

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