Thursday, June 21, 2012

God's Quality Control 8.9: Reincarnation

I'm tired of talking about Jesus. I'm tired of reading about him. I've read the bible more in the last couple of years of making videos than I ever did when I was superstitious. If you guys are just dying to hear more from me on Jesus, let me know, but for now, I'm taking a break from this guy.

I'll bring Series 8 to a close here, and I'll start a new series soon in which I discuss invitational ethics and nothing else. It doesn't seem likely that I'll make any more Quality Control videos; it just doesn't make sense after I've done Jesus. Because this is the last one, I'm sure that many of you will stop watching my channel. Thanks for hanging out for as long as you did, and special thanks to everyone who joined in the conversation.

That's 8.9, the end of Series 8, the final God's Quality Control video. Thanks very much for watching.

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