Wednesday, January 8, 2014

God's QC 10.0: The Great Disconnect

Outspoken skeptics are often criticized for mocking the beliefs of the religious, belittling that which is held sacred, blaspheming their supernatural being (or beings). What the religious never seem to realize is that their own apologists treat their god (or gods) with far more contempt than any irreligious person ever could. Consider all the religious people who, speaking publicly on behalf of their god, lie, dissemble, ignore the facts, present appallingly faulty and inconsistent reasoning in support of their arguments, and when shown to be incorrect, abandon reason altogether and claim that the irreligious will never understand, because we lack spiritual discernment, or because we have not felt the power of god in our hearts, or the most ridiculous non-argument I've ever heard, because we just want to go on sinning.

In this series, as in all my previous series, I will continue to offer my quality-control services to the superstitionist community, in the hopes that they will one day stop embarrassing themselves and their invisible friends. In this series in particular, I will discuss a phenomenon that I call "The Great Disconnect". There is a strange, enormous gap between what superstitionists claim to believe and how they live their lives. They claim to follow the Supreme Being of the universe, but most of them can't be bothered to read the only book from which they could learn about said being. They claim to know of a moral philosophy, based on their holy book, that is superior to all others, but even those who read the book never stop to think about how utterly immoral much of that philosophy is. Those who revere the man Jesus usually know next to nothing of what the bible actually says about him. And even those who have some knowledge of him--sadly, this includes even asuperstitionists--give him far more credit than he deserves as a reformer, an innovative thinker, and a source of timeless wisdom. These are examples of The Great Disconnect, the theme of this Quality Control series.

I encourage you to think of this series a conversation rather than a monologue. Post comments; tell me your thoughts; especially, challenge me and point out my errors. I care a lot about the truth, and I'm pretty sure I don't know all there is to know. I hope that by having this conversation, we can all get just a little closer to the truth.

Many thanks to all of you who have checked in on me during this and all of my long absences. Sometimes life happens and interferes with that most important of activities, making YouTube videos. Many thanks to the hundreds of you who have posted comments on my other videos, and my apologies for not being able to respond to everyone. With any luck, I'll be able to stay involved in the conversations relating to this series.

As with all my videos, transcripts are available. See the link in the video description. Finally, some people have told me that my episode numbering system is confusing. In order to make it less confusing, I have created a playlist for each series, including this one, and I've included a link in the video description. That's 10.0. Thanks for watching.

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