Back when I had only 14 subscribers, I could have an ongoing conversation with everyone. Now that so many people are watching, I have to economize somewhere. One place where I can economize is in questions that I hear a lot. Nothing personal; I'm glad that you guys are all involved in the conversation. It's just that I want to spend more time on the deep stuff and less on answering frequent questions.
  • What the heck does "Jesusianismist" mean?
    I am always annoyed when people use words like "evolutionism" and "Darwinist". This is my way of making fun of them. Also for making fun of Sarah Palin, with her "refudiate" business.
  • Why do you...?
    Most of the time, the answer is, "Because I feel like it."
    • ...make your videos so short?
      A variety of reasons. I like watching them more than I like making them. I'd rather spend a few hours making a short one that I can watch right away than a few days making a longer one and having to delay my gratification. Also, I have a short attention span when making them. It takes a long time to get the pictures all together; if I made the vids longer I'd have to spend more time collecting pictures. Finally, I have a short attention span for watching videos. In general I don't like to watch a longer video unless it's absolutely spectacular. I like my work, but not that much.
    • funny?
      If I spoke with my native Texan drawl, you wouldn't be able to understand me.
  • Will you give me a shout or favorite my video or subscribe to me or plug me in some way? Or, I have a video that's unrelated to yours, but I'd like to post it as a response so I can up my views. Can I have your blessing on that?
    Doubtful. I don't yet have the nerve to do shouts. I favorite videos and subscribe to channels that move me. On my channel page I display a list of my heroes who have fewer than 10k subscribers. Unfortunately there's room for only 16 channels. If you can't promote your material by responding to videos related to your topic, then there's probably something wrong with your material. It's likely either fallacious or dishonest, or both. If you think you have a good reason to post your unrelated video as a response to mine, I'd love to hear it. 
  • I posted a comment on your video or your profile or sent you a message, but you didn't respond. Is that because you're so busy?
    Perhaps, but you should always first assume that it's because whatever you're talking about in your message is in reference to a joke you're missing that I thought should have been obvious to you.
  • Is that you with a guitar at the beginning of your vids?
    Yes, and at the end. That was a camping trip in Joshua Tree during Thanksgiving week in 2007.
  • Do you play your own music?
    Yes, I play all the guitars, including bass guitar. The other instruments are composed by me but played by my Mac. So any quirkiness is my doing, and the flawless execution is my Mac's doing. In some of my very early series I used a Talking Heads tune and the scary music from the movie "Psycho," but the rest of it is mine.
  • What's the name of that tune in your so-and-so video?
    The vast majority of the music consists of just nameless sketches. Only rarely do I go to the trouble of fleshing any of them out into full-blown tunes with names. Feel free to suggest a name, in case I ever do make that sketch into a real work.
  • What's your policy on blocking users and deleting comments?
    If your comment is an advertisement and has absolutely nothing to do with my post, I'll block you and delete your comment, both in this blog and on YT or any other forum where I hang out. If you post questions to this blog anonymously (meaning that I can't answer you, so you didn't really care about my answers) then I'll most likely delete your comment. If you send me a direct message that contains only an advertisement and nothing pertinent to me or my work, I'll block you. Other than these obvious cases, I have blocked exactly one user as of 12 Jan 2011. I'm not proud of it. I blocked him because I couldn't bring myself to ignore him, meaning that I slipped into an unhealthy cycle of fruitless argument with him. Most people who piss me off I can just ignore, so I haven't blocked them, at least for now.
  • Your video numbering confuses me!
    For the "God's Quality Control" collection, I started a new numbering system. There are multiple series in the collection. Series 1 covers the Craig-Ally debate; Series 2 covers the Hitchens-Dembski debate; Series 3 covers the Prestonwood discussion guide. The first number is the series number. The second number is the episode number. The fourth episode in the Prestonwood series is 3.4. My old numbering system is similar, but I was using Roman numerals. The easiest way to navigate any of my work is to look at my playlists. Every series has its own playlist with the videos in the correct order.
  • You should put your videos into playlists.
    You're right. I have done so.
  • You should make each video in a series a video response to the previous video.
    You're right. I have done so.
  • What the heck is a "love bar"?
    Same thing as a "crotch bar," "herpes bar," or "blow job bar."